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shower water filters

Water Filters: Shower Water Filters

Shower Water Filters

Shower water filters are an essential component to any complete home water filtration system. A shower water filter allows you to enjoy a warm and relaxing shower, without the potential risk of exposure to harmful elements found in standard tap water. Chlorine is one of the biggest problems found in normal tap water. If your body is continually exposed to chlorine during a shower, it can lead to problems such as dry skin, irritated eyes or color distortion of the hair. This is due to the fact that chlorine strips the natural protective oils from the skin and hair, which leads to the excess dryness. If the chlorine is filtered out of the water, the skin and hair will greatly benefit. Removing chlorine can also be beneficial for individuals suffering from asthma and allergy sufferers, as inhalation of chlorine vapors can complicate those conditions. Showering with unfiltered tap water can be compared to spending ten to twenty minutes in an extremely chlorinated pool everyday.

The most well-known shower water filter is the Aquasana Shower Filter, which retails for sixty to eighty dollars, depending on where it is purchased.

Shower waters filters can be easily installed in a few minutes. Once the water filter is properly installed, it provides healthy, chemical free water for showering. The best feature of the shower filter is its efficiency in removing chlorine from the water. It also greatly reduces harmful VOCs, which are the same harmful substances found in paints and pesticides. The filter also enhances the pH balance, which creates an overall healthier showering environment.

Most shower filters have an average life span of six months or ten thousand gallons. The filter can handle operating temperatures of 115 degrees, which is more than ample, as most average shower temperatures are 100 degrees. The filter fits well on the head of the shower. Most filters use two stages to purify the tap water. The first stage of the filter system removes all chlorine and improves the pH balance. The shower filter system brings the pH of the water to 7.5. This is accomplished by using a natural copper and zinc mineral media, which is called KDF-55D. KDF-55D removes any acidic components in the water, while retaining helpful trace minerals. The second stage of the filtering process employs a carbonized coconut shell media, which is responsible for the task of removing any synthetic chemicals and VOCs.

Most shower filters come with an adjustable pressure shower head which prevents any loss of water pressure. The filter systems are also compatible with most standard shower heads and hand held shower heads. In addition to providing health benefits, shower water filters also remove limestone, marble and other hard metals from the tap water. This helps to prevent scaling and hard water deposits in the shower or bathtub.

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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems