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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems
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water filters

Water Filters

"Why not just drink the water out of my tap? Aren't water filters expensive?" A fair question. If you're like many people, you may not realize that the water coming out of your tap is probably not safe, clean water at all. Let's examine why tap water is not clean, and a few reasons that you may want to install a water filter. The primary reason many people install filters is to remove chemicals and impurities from their water. If your water comes from anywhere other than your own private well, you almost certainly have various chemicals in your water.

Most chemicals in your water are added to your water to kill bacteria and other pathogens, and other chemicals are in your water by accident, such as from runoff or other environmental pollution issues. Chemicals and impurities you might find in your water include chlorine, heavy metals, pesticides, pharmaceutical drugs, herbicides, fluoride, to name just a very few.

A recent study done on 100 different municipal water sources in the US found that nearly every single one of them had some kind of chemical contaminant that no-one even knew about. The study found everything from pesticides to gasoline additives in the water supply of the 100 cities they tested. All of these chemicals can be very dangerous to your health and well being, and your family's health.They range from suppressing your immune system to causing headaches to causing cancer. Quite simply, your life could be on the line. It's not a stretch to say that drinking water out of your tap could be shortening your life.

Removing chemicals from your water is not the only reason you should consider a water filter, though. No matter whether you have a personal well or are using your city's water supply, you are susceptible to bacteria, viruses, or other pathogens in your water. Especially now that there is a risk of terrorists using the water supply to spread biological weapons, you should be concerned about pathogens in your water.

The easiest and simplest way to ensure that your water is as pathogen-free as you can possible make it is to install a high quality whole house water filter. A high quality water filter is one that will remove both biological contaminants, such as bacteria, as well as chemicals and other synthetic contaminants. A whole house water filter will filter all of the water entering your house, ensuring that not only is all of your drinking water clean and safe to drink, but the water you shower with, cook with, and so on is all clean. That may not sound like it matters, but your skin is your biggest organ. If you shower in unfiltered water, chemicals are entering your body via your skin every minute you are in the shower. There are other kinds of water filters you can get, including portable water filters and under the sink models.

These kinds of filters are generally less expensive, especially the portable types, but they do not have the advantage of filtering all of the water that enters your house. Pure, clean, safe water is not an optional nicety. It's an essential for your health, and the health of your family. Don't compromise any longer. Start researching water filters today, and choose and install a quality water filter that will ensure that you and your family have clean, pure water.

If you don't want to install it, you can even hire a professional to install it for you. It's really quite simple. But the benefits of a quality water filter are huge.

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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems