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house water filters

Whole House Water Filters: A Complete Home Defense Against Contaminated Water

It's unfortunate, but even in today's world, you can't count on pure water in your home. Those living in rural areas face many threats from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. City dwellers must count on municipal systems which may not remove all contaminants, and could add some harmful elements. There is a wide range of water filtration options available, ranging from pitchers to counter top units to whole house filter systems.

There are many good reasons to opt for a whole house water filter. Surprisingly, improving your home's air quality is one of the best reasons to install a whole house water filter system. Water-using appliances that vent into the air or by their design are exposed to the air can add harmful chemicals to the air your breathe. Your dishwasher, toilet, and shower all allow harmful chemicals to escape into your home's air. This constant release of air contaminants into your home can affect air quality to the point of causing asthma and bronchitis.

Whole house water filters can provide protection to your entire home that cannot be provided by a counter top water filter or a shower filter. Also, shower filters are designed to work primarily on hot water, so they may not be as effective as a whole house water filter system on cooler water.

Clothes that are washed in water containing chlorine and volatile organic chemicals can absorb these chemicals and then cause skin rashes and irritations. A whole house water filter would eliminate these chemicals from your water before it reaches the clothes washer.

The dishwasher in your home is second only to the shower in the amount of chlorine it releases into the air. The best way to avoid this extra dose of chlorine gas from the dishwasher is to install a whole house water filter system. Such a system insures that pure, filtered water is available from every tap and every other source of water in your home.

Whole house water filtration is efficient and cost-effective. It has distinct cost advantages over other types of systems, making it an attractive solution for many people. Since inhaling and absorbing airborne water contaminants is a major threat in many homes, simply filtering your drinking water or purchasing bottled water doesn't really reduce your risk of damage from contaminated water.

Whole house water filter systems make it possible to provide filtered water from every source in your home. This completely eliminates the risk of drinking or showering in contaminated water. Chlorine and other chemicals are removed from your water supply before it enters your indoor system, preventing their release into the air. Your clothes will no longer absorb chemicals from the wash water.

A whole house system eliminates the emission of chlorine vapors from dishwashers, and may reduce the build up of soap scum on your dishes. After installing a whole house water filter, you may notice that symptoms are reduced for family members suffering from asthma and allergies.

Whole house water filters effectively filter water at all temperatures. The removal of chlorine and other chemical contaminants from all the water in your house may protect you and your family from any carcinogenic effects from ingesting, inhaling, or absorbing these contaminants. And, if there is ever a breakdown in municipal treatment, sanitation, and filtering systems, your whole house will still be protected.

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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems