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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems
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house water filters

Refrigerator Water Filters: Cool Filters for Cold Water

Refrigerator water filters are an easy-to-install, cost-effective way to insure that drinking water and ice dispensed from your refrigerator is safe and healthy. Most people in the United States get their water from a municipal water supply, with some sort of governmental agency responsible for oversight. Unfortunately, municipal water treatment facilities can't really guarantee the quality of the water they provide. Providing for some sort of home water filtering is the only way to insure that you and your family have access to clean, pure water.

We often think about the tap water we consume and most home water filters focus on this home source of water. Home water filters remove chlorine and bacterial contaminants, making your water both taste and smell better. From time to time we also hear of the dangers that showers and dishwasher pose in terms of the water-borne chemicals that they release into the air. In order to eliminate the danger of these sources of contamination, many turn to shower water filters or whole house filter systems. But we may not always think of another source of water that we consume--our refrigerator.

Refrigerators are where we get the ice that cools (and melts in) our drinks. And many modern refrigerator designs include drinking water dispensers on the door. How can we control the quality of drinking water and ice that we get from our refrigerator? Of course, a whole house filter system would also filter the water supply to your refrigerator. But if you aren't able to install a whole house water filter for some reason, then you should consider using refrigerator water filters.

A refrigerator water filter is one type of a point-of-use filter. Point-of-use home water filters effectively remove lead and chlorine from your drinking water right before you drink it, insuring that you don't consume these dangerous contaminants. Refrigerator water filters can be added to any refrigerator that has an ice-maker or water dispenser. Refrigerator water filters can also be added to water fountains, ice machines and water coolers.

Most refrigerator water filters are designed with a multi-stage filtering process. The first stage removes large particulates and dirt, usually with a simple filter element. The next stages involves a process to remove chlorine. Refrigerator water filters can effectively remove chlorine and its byproducts, which may reduce your risk of certain types of cancers. The final stage in the typical refrigerator water filter is a carbon filter. If your refrigerator water filter is based on activated carbon technology, then it will remove dangerous contaminants, while preserving healthy minerals in your drinking water.

A nice side benefit of refrigerator water filters is that they reduce the minerals that can cause scaling and deterioration of refrigerator plumbing and parts. Refrigerator water filters are available online for prices ranging from under $20 to more than $50. Depending on the style, installation can be relatively easy. One manufacturer offers an inline refrigerator water filter designed to install in about three minutes.

Refrigerator water filters usually need maintenance or replacement every six months or whenever you notice a change in the taste of your water.

Fridge Filters

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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems