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Clean Water and your Health


Clean drinking water is critical for maintaining optimal health for you and your family. Every so often, the popular press publishes a heart-wrenching story of some poor child that has become deathly ill from drinking contaminated water. A few years ago, there was a terrible E Coli outbreak in a small Canadian city called Walkerton that was attributed to faulty maintenance and neglect on the part of the local waterworks department. Those unfortunate citizens are still reeling from the long-term health impact of ingesting contaminated water, and in many cases they will never be the same.

The moral of the story is that you cannot rely on anyone else to ensure that your drinking water is suitable for consumption. There are, however, a number of options available for people willing to be proactive about the health and wellbeing of their families. The reality of the situation is that these problems are not likely to go away. Fresh water supplies around the world are being polluted at an accelerated rate. This is especially noticeable in the developing countries, where environmentally friendly business practices are less of a priority for governments and corporations.

In the advanced industrial countries, we have similar issues to contend with. The demand on our municipal water supplies continues to grow in line with our population growth, neither of which appear to be abating anytime soon. Another issue to be mindful of is the pervasive use of pesticides in urban communities. While it is nice to have a lush, green lawn, the end result is that those same chemicals are being introduced to our groundwater supply and are eventually ending up in your drinking water. So what is a responsible individual to do?

The first step is to take responsibility for your situation. The sad truth is that you cannot rely on others to look out for the interests of your family. One might think that a water treatment system would be rather expensive, but that is simply not the case. A highly effective water filtration system can be had at a very reasonable price. While a reverse osmosis system with an ultraviolet light filter might cost a lot of money, there are other alternatives that can be had for as little as ten dollars. Ask yourself…how can you put a price on the health and wellbeing of your family? I think you know the answer.

Susan Anderson is an environmental activist, and one of the editors of Guide 2 Water Filters.com – an informative guide to water filter types, water testing kits, water contaminants and more.

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House Water Filters, Water Filters For Home, Pure Water, Clean Drinking Water, Water Filtration Systems